Six Fantastic Bridal Hairstyles for Your Summer Wedding

Spring is hopefully on its way & my friend, Miranda over at is sharing her top spring/summer bridal hairstyles with us.

If you are looking for fantastic bridal hairstyles for your summer wedding, you are at the right place. After selecting a beautiful dress and gracious jewellery now is the time to select a wonderful hairstyle. Well, it is not an easy task to select the best hairstyle that can be maintained throughout the wedding night. Certainly, you would not like to keep on using hair accessories, pins, and brushes, etc. time and again, for styling your hair and looking the best all the time. In comparison to the winter season, it is more difficult to maintain hair in the summer season. Therefore for becoming the centre of attraction on your best day, you should select fabulous hairstyles that do not require repeated maintenance and offer a splendid look:

1. Starburst Fishtail Braid Bun

 This is an ideal hairstyle for people who have long or medium hair. In less than 10 minutes, you can create this hairstyle. For this hairdo, you should gather 1 small hair elastic, 1 ponytail holder, hair brush or rat tail comb, spray bottle and hairspray. Start by making a little ponytail in the middle of your hair. For this activity, you can use a clip or pin. Now, apply hair wax for avoiding fly-aways and other problems. If you have silky hair, you can also use a mixture of water and gel. Then, first, form a normal braid by adding hair strands from the middle section and then form a french braid by adding hair strands from the ponytail. You should add hair from your middle section to the right side and hair from the ponytail to the left side respectively. Once you have braided all your hair, tie them with an elastic band or some bobby pins. By performing these steps, you can acquire the beautiful starburst Fishtail Braid Bun.





2. Gorgeous Blonde

If you are a looking for a hairstyle for your short hair, Gorgeous Blonde is the perfect option for you. Without using various hair extensions, you can create this hairstyle in shorter periods and look amazing. For this hairdo, you do not need to make a huge bun or long ponytail. With this sweet and chic style, you can impress several people. Another benefit of this hairstyle is that you do not need to buy extra accessories. Whether you have a round or oval shape face, you will definitely look splendid in this hairstyle. In addition to the wedding, this hairstyle is appropriate for functions, promos, and formal events. But, on the wedding day, this hairstyle offers an exceptionally beautiful look.





3. Braided Bun

For this hairstyle, you only need two things – mini hair elastics and bobby pins. Start by creating a low ponytail by using hair that is present at the nape of your neck. Then, after securing with an elastic, create a three-strand braid. Now, secure this braid by using a mini hair elastic. Then, keep on wrapping the braid over the ponytail till it forms a bun. Last, secure the braided bun by using several bobby pins. This hairstyle can also be created in 5-7 minutes. So, even if you wasted time in selecting the best dress and matching jewellery, you can create these wonderful hairstyles and look awesome on your special day.





4. The Princess Bride

 If you want to add sparkle without overpowering your entire hairstyle, you need to select the Princess Bride for your summer wedding. This thin pearl tiara is among the best flat or short up do hairstyles. For creating this hairstyle, you need to take a high-quality curler and a delicate hair accessory like the headband. In comparison to long and short hair, this hairstyle works best on medium hair. Even if you don’t have particular knowledge about beauty and hairstyles, you can create this hairstyle by following some easy steps.


images (2).jpeg



5. Bangin’ Braid

 Here is another quick and easy hairstyle for wedding brides. Gather a tail comb, some bobby pins, hair clips, mini hair elastics and align the front section of your hair into a triangle. For holding the rest of your hair away from your face, you should use hair clips. Next, create a three strand brand by using hair from the front section. Take all the hair strands and create three passes of a braid. Continue the braiding process until you reach the template area. Then, use a mini hair elastic for securing the braid and bobby pins for pinning it into the hairline. During braiding process, you need to need to keep your fingers as close to your roots and scalp as possible. This thing ensures that your hair is tightly woven.





6. Tender Romantic Wedding Hair Up do

This hairstyle features various messy knots, loose braids, and splendid curls. No, you don’t need to take excessive stuff or waste longer periods for this hairstyle. Well, you only need to take a curler, hairspray, brush and bobby pins (according to your hair texture). And, you need to spend 8-10 minutes for creating this hairstyle. If you acquire this hairstyle, you will surely impress all persons present in your wedding. With this hairstyle, you can conquer the heart of your husband not only for one day but for entire life. So, acquire this hairstyle to become “the heroine of his novel”.





For looking the best on your special day, you need to create some fabulous hairstyles. The Starburst Fishtail Braid Bun can be created in less than 10 minutes. Even without creating a high bun or long ponytail, you can create Gorgeous Blonde hairstyle on your short hair. For the braided bun, you should gather bobby pins and mini hair elastic bands. You do not need to change the complete texture of your hair for creating the princess bride hairstyle. During the Bangin’ Braid braiding process, you should keep your fingers close to your scalp and roots. By creating the Tender Romantic Wedding Hair Up do, you can become “the heroine of his novel”. So, style your hair for becoming the centre of attraction on your special day. 


About the Author: My name is Miranda, and I am a professional hairstylist based in New York. I have been in the fashion industry for the past 10 years and have been graced to work with the some of the top ranking professionals in the field. For the latest information on hair products, styling tips and more, check out my flat iron reviews (