Hello Lipidol Oils

Lipidol is a fairly new health & beauty product on the market from the Bio Oil group.  What makes Lipidol so special & different, is that it is an oil-based product.

It is proudly the first moisture retention range, which means that because it is oil-based, it will keep your body from losing its natural moisture and introduce it to your daily skincare routine.

Replacing moisture in the skin is a slow, as it needs to be rebuilt from the inside. It is not possible to put moisture in the skin by simply putting moisture on the skin. The trick to healthy skin is to prevent it losing moisture. Oil can be used to achieve this, acting as a layer to trap moisture in the skin.

There are 6 Lipidol oils. Two wash-off products that wash without stripping the skin of its natural oily layer & four leave-on products which supplement the skin’s natural oily layer. The wash-off products include the Cleansing Face & Body Oil. The leave-on products include After Shower Oil, Sunscreen Oil, After Shave Oil (perfect for men & women) & the Overnight Face Oil.

Lipidol is great for sensitive skin.  My personal favourite is the After Shower Oil. All Lipidol products are available at Clicks for @ R79.95