Fashionably Spring Hair with Stylist Sheena Bagshawe

I'm the most excited to feature my very first guest post by my friend, fellow blogger & stylist, talented Sheena Bagshawe from the blog - TheStylist Notebook Here's what she had to say about fashionably spring hair.

Spring is here and the sublime weather we've been enjoying also means a style change! If the early onset of Spring means you haven't had time for your usual change of season rituals, hair can a fast way to update your look. Take inspiration from the runway and some Instag-celeb models to get fresh.

Versace's Minimal Flower Crown:

Festival goers and Frida Kahlo enthusiasts alike adore the flower crown and it's been seen in dozens of formats, dozen of times. Leave it to Dontella Versace to breath new life into floral headwear and keep it ethereal and surprisingly toned down. This cleaner, easier version takes nothing but a trip to your local fabric store or haberdashery to gt your floral lace and some practice with your flat iron. Once you've masterd boho waves, grab a length of the prettiest floral lace you can find and simply tie it around your head so it sits on your forehead. Nude eyes and dewy skin aren't just easy to keep fresh during warmer month, they'll also take you into celestial territory.

Albertta Ferretti's Twisted Braid and Scarf Combo:


Love a milkmaid braid but want an update? Albertta Ferretti understands babe, so her hair styling team got to work on this dreamy updo at her Limited Edition Spring 2016 collection. Ideal for longer lengths,  I'm looking forward to using this style when humidity sets in. For instructions, see below;

Starting with wavy hair thats curled at the ends, give yourself a center parting and split hair into two halves. Tie pig tails just above your ear with transparent rubber bands and tie one end of the scarf around the hair band to hide it, pin into place. Twist the scarf so it looks like a tube, then twist the scarf and the your hair around each other. Now take this twist and position it around your hair line along your crown so it meets your other pig tail and pin into place. Repeat on the other side butposition around the back of your head and pin into place so that the ends are hidden and a continous effect is achieved. Gently pull out few small sections with the back of a fine tooth comb to form tendrils, and gently comb to give a messy effect. Finsih with hair spray.  If your hair tends to be on the straight and fine side, try some sea salt spray at the begginning of the of process to add texture.

Pink Hair Don't Care! :

Nastassja vd Merwe.png

Bright locks and pastel hues in hair are nothing new and the beginning of 2015 saw a few nay sayers predicting the end of the mermaid hair trend. The popularity of models like Fernada, who walked for Louis Vuitton Fall RTW 2016, and our local poster girl for candy floss strands, Nastassja van der Merwe, proved them wrong. Thank goodness. I'm personally not over fun, light hearted hair colours just yet. This change will take more planning, dedication and maintenance then the other looks we've touched on, but it'll also have the biggest impact. For the prettiest spring 'do, just think pink. 

To read more from Sheena & check out her portfolio, follow the link to her website here.