ASK ME HOW #Q&AwithKelli


I love sharing my knowledge and I’ve decided to dedicate this post, to all of you – my special friends, family, clients & readers. I often get asked a lot of questions about makeup so I’ve selected a few and answered them in this special blog post.  If you have any questions, or are wondering about random make up tips, please always feel free to pop me an email.

So here are a few of your favourite questions.

How do you naturally wing out your eyelashes?

To elongate lashes, work from the outer to the inner corners of the eyes. By the time you get to the inner corners, you'll have just the right amount of mascara left. To increase the effect, apply another coat at the outer corners only.

How do you get your skin looking more radiant?

Have you ever noticed how good your skin feels after a steam? Now I know not all of us have access to a steam room or the time for a monthly facial, but you can still achieve the same affect by using the steam from a boiling pot of water. Carefully, lean your face close enough to the pot so that you feel the steam, but are not in danger of burning yourself.  3-5 minutes of steam should work perfectly before you apply some cleanser and/or toner, and moisturise!

How to make your blush look more natural?

Try applying your blush when you are naturally flushed. This will reduce the amount of pigment you'll need to apply. Make sure to use your rosy cheeks as a guide & dab your brush to get rid of excess powder.